• My Friend is a Superhero

    You know how kids stare at people in wheelchairs and aren't sure what to say? Well, we want to change that. We want kids to run up to people in wheelchairs and say, “Wow! You must be a superhero!”

    My Friend is a Superhero! is a children's book about Jack, who uses a wheelchair, told by his friend, who sees all the amazing things Jack can do — like getting to school sitting down, playing basketball and doing tricks at the skate park. Jack's also really good at maths!


    Written by Barbara Pike and Philip Patston, and illustrated by Sam Orchard, the book’s purpose is to influence children (and their parents) away from negative stereotypes, as well as portraying unique aspects of function and experience to encourage children’s natural curiosity.


    The book is 32-pages and full colour. Reading age is around 7–9 years, but we believe it would suit children aged 3–10 years and possibly older as a discussion starter about diversity.

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