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    Philip blogs regularly about diversity, complexity and change – and we run a network of other blogs and projects

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    Social and creative entrepreneur


    Keep up to date with Philip's unique and leading ideas on diversity, complexity and change. Find out more about how he works and what he can do for you, your team, organisation or community.


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    DPSN - logo



    Diversity Promotion through Social Networking


    A project which aims to stimulate conversations about diversity, creativity and social change. The project, began in 2009 as an online and offline peer support network.


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    Unique Ability - logo

    Unique Ability

    (formerly I Think Differently)


    Shining a light on the uniqueness of disability 


    A site to create a fundamental shift in attitudes and behaviour towards disabled people.


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    Melt Your Mind - logo

    Melt Your Mind


    Stuff that will make you think twice (maybe three times)


    A random collection of videos and quotes gathered to make you think about yourself or the world differently.


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    DIV:INQ - logo

    DIV:INQ – Diversity Inquiry


    Exploring diversity in schools


    A bespoke programme that lets young people explore diversity by acknowledging similarity, difference, uniqueness and commonality in all people, in all places, at all times.


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    IGODAP - logo



    International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers


    A leading voice in the promotion of disability arts and culture worldwide.


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    Diversityworks Trust - logo

    Diversityworks Trust


    Where diversity is creatively changing


    Diversityworks Trust Inc was a vehicle founded by Philip in 2005 to promote diversity, creativity and social change.


    The trust closed in July 2015, having achieved its aims.


    The site remains as an archive.


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    Unique Extras - logo

    Unique Extras


    More Diversity on Screen


    This project aimed to increase the appreciation of disabled and Deaf people’s talents in the media by portraying diversity in a low-key, regular manner.

    It included a campaign to begin a new conversation with the public and media in New Zealand.


    The site remains as an archive.


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