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    Philip uses these videos in his keynotes and workshops

    Who we are, labelling, being wrong, entropy, vulnerability, etc

    Individualised Funding – why and how

    Manawanui 1 November 2016

    This presentation is a personal reflection from Philip's perspective as an Individualised Funding user and employer of his own personal assistants.

    Erikson's stages of psychosocial development

    Epsom Girls Grammar School 17 June 2016

    Staff development — diversity

    Bullying - whose problem is it?

    Epsom Girls Grammar School 19 May 2016

    Primer video for discussion on bullying as a societal issue

    Peer Mediators videos

    Epsom Girls Grammar School Peer Mediators 2012 ongoing

    What's really going on?

    Constructive Functional Diversity

    AUT Rehab lecture 2010 ongoing

    How can we create a new, enabling mindset and language of rehabilitation?

    Dynamic leadership

    Epsom Girls Grammar School Leadership 2012 ongoing

    Leadership – who is it about?

    Competencies and attributes — user perspective

    Home and Community Health Assn conference 2015

    Is the support we offer what people really need...or want?

    From diversity to inclusion

    Auckland Careers and Transition Educators conference 2015

    Is inclusion really embracing diversity?

    NASC from a client’s perspective

    Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Assn conference 2015

    Is NASC what people really need...or want?

    Thinking outside the box to create change

    University of Auckland Social innovation and Social Justice conference 2015

    What is really needed to create social change?

    Constructive Functional Diversity

    Disability and Rehabilitation Journal 2007

    This article presents a more dynamic and constructive paradigm than the current dominant ones (for example medical or social models), to describe and change the impact of impairment and disability.


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    Label Libel: A new look at diversity

    TEDxAuckland 2012

    Video and slides

    DIV:INQ  (Diversity Inquiry) for students

    University of Auckland Medical Students 2010 ongoing

    How can we think differently about patients with disability?

    DIV:INQ (Diversity Inquiry) for organisations

    EEO Trust ~2011

    How does your organisation respond to the new opportunities diversity offers?

    Stranger in a Strange Land

    Robert Heinlein

    The concept of "grokking" – to fully understand

    Conversation card 1

    Constructive conversing

    Feedback for groups

    Conversation card 2

    Overbearing conversing

    Feedback for groups

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