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    Our purpose is to work with people to deepen their awareness of diversity in creative, fun, non-threatening ways.


    We specialise and lead in the understanding of diversity – as well as the complexity, uncertainty and change that surrounds it. We provide strategic leadership, facilitated conversations, keynotes, short workshops and more. Tell us what you need and, if we can't help, we'll find someone who can.

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    Diversity and change leadership

    We develop leadership capacity to enhance diversity – and to embrace and negotiate the accompanying complexity, uncertainty and change.

    We work with individuals, teams, organisations, schools, communities and Government to "lean into" diversity as a way to create better environments, relationships, outcomes and more. We draw on a diverse range of skills when working with clients to create bespoke approaches and valuable results.

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    Facilitated conversations

    In these explorative discussions we introduce you to new ways to think about yourself and others in the context of the future of your team or organisation.

    It's a chance to notice that society is changing with greater and greater speed. Cultures are becoming more and more intermingled; gender and sexual identity are now far more openly fluid; and the complexity of our ability to function is increasing as we live longer due to technological and medical advancement. What does this mean for the future?


    Timeframe 3-6 hours. Costs negotiable. For more information, please contact us »

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    Keynotes, lectures and short workshops

    Philip Patston introduces our unique approach to diversity through witty, light and engaging — yet apposite and revealing — public speaking, keynotes and participatory workshops.

    Philip has informed the University of Auckland, AUT University, Epsom Girls Grammar, TEDxAuckland (view Philip's TEDTalk); Auckland Careers and Transition Educators; St John Ambulance Regional Managers and its leadership team; community arts practitioners; mental health, disability and addiction services; and more.


    Timeframe 30 mins-2 hours. Costs negotiable. For more information, please contact us »

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  • What others say

    Comments from 2015 Leadership New Zealand participants

    "Philip, you awesome, fabulous man. You say it how it is and speak truths that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. I particularly enjoyed our post panel conversations. I felt very honoured to spend that time with you."


    "Very impressive. Philip's insight and responses were outstanding."


    "Thank you for the leadership and challenge you bring to the creative discourse. I was left with a lot to think about, particularly about your insights into how some artists are funded and some are told to get a real job. Who decides who is valid is such an important question in so many facets of power and relationship. I also valued being able to discuss the media and the dwindling examples of robust analysis and debate."


    "Thank you for spending your valuable time with us, Philip - the impact of who chooses to fund our creative initiatives in NZ is having an effect on our identity."


    "Your thoughtful exposition of the paradoxes of our world really resonated with me; much of what you said we can do something about; we could all use more Te Reo in our day to day engagements with each other. Thanks for your time and energy, Philip."


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  • More details about our services

    Below are details about how we work and the outcomes we work towards

    Consulting on strategic diversity and change

    Our diverse range of skills include:

    • thought leadership and leadership development
    • strategic and policy advice
    • capacity development to enhance diversity and lead change 
    • developmental evaluation
    • mentoring and coaching
    • project and process management
    • writing and editing
    • online systems and web design
    • social media

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    Facilitated conversations

    At the end, groups have:

    • been introduced to our unique approach to diversity
    • acknowledged the increasing complexity and rapid change occurring in humanity
    • discovered ways to accept who we are now — similar and yet very different to who we were just years ago
    • engaged in new conversations that enhance peace and love; and that reduce fear and misunderstanding
    • explored the increase in inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral working 
    • learned new ways to communicate and collaborate in their personal and professional lives.

    As an optional extra Sam, Philip's EA (who also draws comics), will create an illustrative record of the session for you.


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    Keynotes and short workshops

    At the end, audiences have:

    • reframed and expanded their understanding of and attitudes towards diversity
    • explored and deconstructed current notions of categorisation, labelling and representation
    • identified what creates misunderstandings and misinterpretations of diversity – and how these work against inclusion
    • learned how to overcome these barriers and benefit from embracing diversity in the context of their organisational culture or community

    As an optional extra Sam, Philip's EA (who also draws comics), will create an illustrative record of the session for you.


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